The Mid Term Review Camogli Meeting of the Cold Quantum Gases European Network will cover the progress achieved in the preparation, investigation and exploitation of quantum degenerate gases, in both bosonic and fermionic species. The topics to be covered by the Meeting are the Network themes: atom optics, degenerate quantum gases, Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) with alkalis, BEC characterization, BEC with metastable gases, cold Fermi gases, atom laser, study of macroscopic quantum effects, manipulation and control the BEC interactions through external fields, integrated atom optics based on electric wires, on controlled magnetic field on configurations, miniaturized permanent magnets, and on laser light itself, traps, guides and mirrors for atoms, atomic clocks,high-tech wavelength standards and atom holography based on the de Broglie wavelength.

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The Meeting venue is Camogli, a small pictoresque village on the seaside near the city of Genova.  Genova has an airport connected by flights to major National and European Airports. Camogli is easily reached by train (see Timetable) from Genova, Pisa and Milano.
 The meeting will take place from Saturday 29th March 2003 (arrival in the evening) until Wednesday 2 April 2003 (departure in the morning).
CQG participants, young researchers and EU officers will be lodged in the Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi, where also the meeting sessions will take place.
Payment for accomodation costs for CQG members are to be made directly at the Hotel.
Young Researchers' cost will be fully covered by the Coordinator' s node.
Download the registration and hotel reservation FORM (word or pdf), and send it back, as fax or as email, to
Francesca Arcara, mailto:arcara@df.unipi.it, fax. no. +39 050 2214 333

DEADLINE for REGISTRATION and Hotel RESERVATION  (CQG members, Young Researchers,etc) , is