Registration for the 7th International Workshop on Atom Optics and Interferometry in Lunteren, The Netherlands (september 28 - october 2, 2002) is open (see

The Workshop will follow the tradition set by successfull earlier meetings, the last in Cargese (2000). It will combine the annual meetings of the European Networks 'Cold Quantum Gases' and 'Cold Atoms and Ultraprecise Atomic Clocks (CAUAC)'.

Subject of Lunteren2002 will be recent progress in the rapidly evolving field of Cold Atom Physics, including BEC and degenerate Fermi gases, coherent atomic beams, cold collisions, cold molecules, applications of cold atoms including atomic clocks.

Preliminary list of invited speakers, who have accepted: Eric Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle, Bill Phillips, Mark Kasevich, Michael Chapman, Jim Bergquist, Hidetoschi Katori, Andre Clairon, Gerard Meijer, Immanuel Bloch, Boudewijn Verhaar, Rainer Blatt, Claus Zimmermann.

For further details please visit the web site Lunteren2002