Vacancy announcement at the Institut d’Optique in Orsay

Postdoc position in Bose-Einstein condensation and atom optics. (15 months)

The atom optics group at the Institut d’Optique is looking for qualified candidates for a postdoc position. The successful candidate will participate in experiments on our recently successful Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) experiment using metastable helium, and/or in ongoing experiments on BEC and atom lasers using Rb.

In this context one of our goals is to couple an atom laser into a microfabricated waveguide as a step towards quantum manipulation of the internal and external degrees of freedom of neutralatoms. These techniques will also be applied to the development of integrated atom interferometers.

A strong background in some area of experimental physics is desirable and we would by no means exclude people with backgrounds other than laser cooling and BEC.

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Candidates must be a non-French citizen of one of the EU member states or an associated state according to the European Research Training Networks rules

last update 13/4/2001