Positions at the Center for Theoretical Physics (Warsaw, Poland):
1. predoc (up to 5 months)
2. postdoc
The group, headed by Prof. Kazimierz Rzazewski, is active in the field of quantum and atom optics. The candidate is expected to join one of the ongoing research projects:
1. Dynamics of cold bosons and fermions in the presence of dipole-dipole forces
2. Study of noncondensed factions both in stationary, high temperature regime and in the dynamic nonlinear atom optics experiments
3. Bose-Einstein condensation in optical lattices
4. Cold molecules
Candidates should fulfill the criteria for young researchers as defined by EU (member of a EU country or an associated state, age under 35 years) to be eligible for this positions.
Please, address an application, CV and the list of publications to:
Prof. Kazimierz Rzazewski
Center for Theoretical Physics
Al. Lotnikow 32/46
02-668 Warsaw, Poland